Online Fundraiser Stores

Where a business can donate gift certificates to good causes and promote their business at the same time!

Donation Marketing...

is when a business donates its goods and/or services to good causes instead of buying ads.

GeeCees Donation Marketing...

improves upon normal donation marketing by helping businesses convert their goods and/or services into digital gift certificates before donating them to good causes.  GeeCees then provides good causes with an online store where they can sell the gift certificates which have been donated to them.

Visit an active GeeCees Fundraiser Store

  • The donating businesses win because they build customer relationships without spending any Dollars on advertising 
  • The good causes win because they tap into an abundant new source of donations 
  • The buyers of the gift certificates win because they receive discounts on the gift certificates they purchase, and can support their favorite good causes just by changing their shopping habits

Everybody wins because all the good causes in the world get funded and the world becomes a better place!  People can switch from a mentality of scarcity to a mentality of abundance.  People can focus on loving their neighbor rather than competing with them for amusical chair“.

From an article in Inc. Magazine...


“You have a great product that nobody’s buying because they’ve never heard of it.  Without sales, you don’t have the money to advertise.  Without advertising, you can’t build sales.  It’s a familiar conundrum, but there might be a good solution; Instead of advertising, give your product away to support worthy causes and build brand loyalty…”

Please read the rest of this article and learn how Barefoot Cellars (wine company) grew by utilizing donation marketing.