Why It Works

Donating Gift Certificates Is Easier Than Donating Dollars

Here’s a short analysis of why GeeCees works for hotels, but this analysis can be applied to any business that has unsold goods or services and would like to increase it’s marketing budget and/or help out some good causes!

Scenario 1; Abundance

  1. Imagine a hotel that is booked an average of forty percent of the time.  All of the Dollars this hotel makes are generated from that forty percent of booked rooms, and all the bills must be paid with those Dollars.  Everybody wants some of those Dollars, and there are never enough to go around.
  2. Next imagine the sixty percent of unbooked rooms.  No bills get paid with that sixty percent.  Every night that passes, another sixty percent of the rooms go to waste.
  3. Finally, imagine a person from a good cause asks the hotel for a donation.  Which is the hotel more likely to have available to donate; Dollars from the forty percent, or gift certificates from the sixty percent?  If you immediately thought “the sixty percent”, then you are now starting to understand why GeeCees Donation Marketing works!  There is an abundance of gift certificates out there just waiting be created and donated into circulation.

Scenario 2; Forced Exposure

  1. Imagine one hotel (Hotel A) makes a donation of $100.
  2. A second hotel (Hotel B) makes a donation of $100 worth of gift certificates. 
  3. When the good cause lists the donations it received, it’s going to say something like “We raised $100, and a gift certificate from Hotel B”.  In this scenario, Hotel B received some good exposure, and Hotel A did not.  Gift certificates almost force a person to say who donated, while Dollars do not.
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