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GeeCees is the smart way for businesses to make donations because: 

  • Donating gift certificates can be considered a tax deductible marketing expense.
  • Businesses can make gift certificate donations even if they don’t have any Dollars to donate. 
  • The act of donating gift certificates allows businesses to donate things that might normally go to waste.  Imagine a homeowner who rents out their home using AirBNB.  If that house is normally only booked thirty percent of the time, that means seventy percent is going to waste.  Seventy percent of three hundred and sixty five translates to about two hundred and fifty five nights per year.  If the homeowner normally charges two hundred Dollars per night, they would have roughly fifty one thousand Dollars-worth of gift certificates to give away!  With a five-year expiration date, they could donate five years-worth at a time ($255k-worth).
  • By creating and donating a gift certificate, you help a good cause and receive exposure without shipping any products or sending any bank-issued currency (e.g. Dollars). 
  • Your donation of a gift certificate ensures that the good cause to which you donate will in turn give exposure to your business.  No more giving to a good cause never to hear from it again! 
  • All gift certificates on GeeCees are digital.  This means that the good causes to which you donate will be able to show them to people much easier than they could show a paper gift certificate.  This greatly increases the potential exposure your business will receive.
  • When you donate a gift certificate, you get a new client or you don’t pay.  This isn’t a hollow sales pitch…this is a mathematical certainty because the only way you ever pay is by redeeming the gift certificate you issue.  If there’s no new client, there’s no one asking you to redeem anything.
  • When you donate gift certificates, your real cost is the cost of goods sold, and you only incur that cost if your gift certificate is actually redeemed (A lot of people never redeem the gift certificates they purchase).  If your donated gift certificates never get sold or never get redeemed, your real cost is then zero but your business will still get all the exposure.  

In summary, because YOU CAN’T LOSE!

Please read this article and learn how Barefoot Cellars (wine company) grew by utilizing donation marketing.

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