The GeeCees Process

The Five Step GeeCees Process

  1. Choose Your Good Cause – Decide what it is that you want to raise money for.  Your good cause might be a well established 501c3 nonprofit organization, or it might just be a friend who needs emergency surgery.
  2. Create A GeeCees Fundraiser Store – Contact GeeCees and begin creating your virtual store, where you can tell your story and list all of the digital gift certificates which will soon be donated to you and your good cause. 
  3. Contact Potential Donors – Make sure to tell them why GeeCees is the smart way for businesses to make donations.  GeeCees will work with the business/donor to create the digital gift certificates they wish to donate to your store.
  4. Begin Selling – Begin selling your donated gift certificates by sharing the link to your GeeCees Fundraiser Store.  
  5. Transfer Funds – When the gift certificates are sold, GeeCees will transfer the funds to your good cause/you 

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