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Freedom Gardens Canada


This fund will be used to help Canadians who wish to prepare for any possible food shortages by starting or expanding their own garden.  

Growing a garden is a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to “do something”, but can’t go to Ottawa.

Freedom Garden Canada

Two ways you can help

1.Buy a gift certificate

When you purchase a gift certificate which is listed below, you not only get a discount on the item you’re buying, but you help ensure that Canadians will have food on their tables even if the shelves at the grocery store become empty.

2.Donate a gift certificate

Find out why donating gift certificates is the smart way for businesses to 

make donations.

Donated Gift Certificates For Sale

Freedom Gardens Canada will be filling this space with more donated gift certificates as they come in, and simultaneously selling them.

Funds Will Be Distributed

to gardeners in Canada who create their own GeeCees fundraisers,
on a fund-matching basis, in increments of $500 USD,
distributed whenever the fund reaches $10,000 USD or bi-weekly
(whichever comes first).

Contact Freedom Gardens Canada

if you have a question
if you'd like to donate a gift certificate to this good cause
if you'd like to start your own Freedom Garden