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Save Lluvia's Leg!

On the night of March 16th, 2022, at about 7:30pm, Cory and Angela Peterson had just driven through the town of La Vega, Cundinamarca on their way back to Bogota.  It was dark, and it began pouring rain.  As they were rounding a corner on the highway, they were startled to see a dog lying less than a meter from the white line.  Angela immediately yelled out “Stop! We need to help that dog!”.  The dog was in serious danger of being run over by one of the many semi trucks passing by, so there was no time to waste.  Cory managed to get the dog loaded into the back of the truck while Angela waved a flashlight at the oncoming semis.  Upon getting the dog to the clinic, it was discovered that she has a broken front leg, and broken ligaments in the knee of one of her back legs.  The vet said that the front leg should be somewhat easy to repair, but the back leg will require a surgery that only has a 30% chance of success.  If the surgery fails, the leg will have to be amputated.  The leg could be amputated right now, but Cory and Angela want to try to save it!  This dog is super sweet and definitely worth the effort.  There was instant trust with her.  Even in the pouring rain, with injured legs, while being loaded into the truck, she never once growled or showed her teeth.  She loves being pet.  She loves eating the chicken and rice with carrots Angela has been making for her!  Cory and Angela named her Lluvia, which means “rain” in Spanish.  Lluvia has no collar or tags and it’s unknown if anyone is missing her in La Vega.  Any funds raised will be used to pay for her food and medical bills, to try to reunite her with her existing family, or to help her get adopted by a new loving family.  Estimated need is $2,000 USD.

Lluvia en camioneta

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